People Who Shouldn't originally started out as a web show hosted by Tytan & Corey, and would contain 3-5 viral clips or non-viral clips of people doing things that they really shouldn't be doing. It is now done in the "mini show" format, where only a single clip is used, and quickly reviewed, and neither of the hosts are shown, or heard. (See: Mini Show)

Cinnamon Challenge

In the first episode, a clip of someone doing the cinnamon challenge was used, and co-host Corey said that if Episode 1 and Episode 2 get over 200 views, then he himself would take it. Eventually, both Episode 1 and 2 reached over 200 views, and now planning for him doing the cinnamon challenge are underway. The challenge will be filmed and uploaded to the channel.

Season 1

Episode No.

Segments Featured Upload Date

Shouldn't Drive

Shouldn't Go In Public

Shouldn't Show Talent

Shouldn't Make Songs

Shouldn't Take Challenges

February 5, 2012

Shouldn't Play Hockey

Shouldn't Game

Shouldn't Make Infomercials

Shouldn't Have A PC

Shouldn't Film Their Kids

April 8, 2012

Shouldn't Laugh On Skype

Shouldn't Eat & Sing

Shouldn't Get Teeth Removed

Shouldn't Film On The Toilet

April 15, 2012